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Trans Texas Airlines


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Ah yes. Trans-Texas Airways. TTA. Up here in east Texas we called it Tree-Top Airways.

When I was a kid growing up in Lufkin, I remember watching TTA's old DC-3 tail-draggers landing at the Angelina County Airport from my grandparents' house just down the road. It was nerve wracking to watch their takeoffs that barely cleared the trees at the end of the runway. They always made it, but we were never sure till we could see daylight between the plane and the trees.

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The convenient way to travel today

Fly dependable, TTA

Trans-Texas Airways

Don't ask me how or why I remember that.


I know why you remember it Dave. Your getting some age on you, that's why. What's so sad is I remember it too. Were aging gracefully. I remember everyone also liked to call it Teeter Totter Airlines as well.


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My own embarrassing memory that I still remember -- to this day --  the words to the catchy jingle they used after renaming themselves "Texas International Airlines".  It went something like this:


From the Colorado Rockies

to plains of Mexico.

From the sunny LA beaches

to the hallowed Alamo.

All across the Lone Star State

we're flyin', goin' strong!

Texas International Airlines,

we're on our way!



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My son bought a souvenior reprint of a 1963 Dallas Morning News at the School Book Depository museum the other day.

Inside is an advertisement for nonstop TTA service between Dallas and Houston for $13.99, four times daily.

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  • The title was changed to Trans Texas Airlines Service 1949
  • The title was changed to Trans Texas Airlines

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