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"The Great Indoors" As A General Contractor?

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I have not, but consider that The Great Indoors is no different than Lowes or Home Depot, in that they will subcontract any work to local subcontractors while putting a hefty surcharge on the contract. You are far better off hiring a contractor yourself. It will cost less, and you will have better control over the workers. It may seem easier to let others do this for you, but that comes at the price of quality control over your project.

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I have a whole house to remodel, and I guess the real question is whether I need to use a general contractor at all...as you point out, there is a price in both dollars and control.

In a prior home remodel I did some years back, I dealt with all the subcontractors myself and came out well...I just have some time issues now that would make it harder.

This time I'm going to gut a bathroom, move a wall, etc. I don't know if I have the knowledge to coordinate all that.

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