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Suggestions For Dance Clubs In Town

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Ok, this is not my thing at all, but.... My wife wants me to take her dancing for our anniversary, and I don't mean line dancing at the local country bar. She wants to hit a hip dance club in town. I need suggestions from my friends out there.

One thing. I would rather it not be a place where I have to wear slacks and dress shoes, nor do I want to wait in line to get approved for entry. This long haired boy would never gain entrance.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm completely ignorant on the matter.

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Rich's in Midtown is good. They play great music, and a mixed crowd, however there is a cover on weekends. Drink Houston is pretty cool too. The drinkery on washington has a decent sized dance floor, mixed crowd, always fun. South Beach has ok music, but its a gay bar. The same with Blur. Its a gay bar but there are always girls there and the music and atmosphere are great! Plus the drinks are decently priced.

The same with any club, its good to check it out early (10:00), see how you feel about the place. That way its not too late to leave and scope out another place. Parking is generally $5 anywhere intown, unless you go early and snag a good spot.

Have fun!

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South beach, blur, and rich's us all modern, but with quite a bit of house music.

South beach used to be considered a gary bar, but it is mostly populated by people that like great dance music.

"Gary bar?" hee, hee. any other suggestions are appreciated as well. She's looking for a place to dance with some hot guys because I won't dance. She'll have no issues getting asked since she's georgeous. Relax folks, we've been married almost 19 years and it's all good. Nothing to kinky, just want her to have a good time.

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