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I travel to Dallas fairly regularly. I have a lot of friends there from college as well as family. One thing that I like best about the place is that they have Grandy's. I love that place. There is nothing there that is bad. For some reason, they closed every single Houston location. Now when I go to Dallas, it has become ritual that I eat there for lunch---at least twice. Does anybody know what happened to them here and if there are plans to reopen any locations? I've been craving the place for weeks!!!

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The WikiOracle says there was a company-wide retrenchment.

As to why Houston but not Dallas I don't know. However, I've read articles in the past in the Chron and HBJ about the strength of the local restaurant scene making Houston a tough market for chains. It's a matter of degree, but we have strong local operations with muiltple units (think Pappas, the Mandola's, etc.) that can build a city-wide brand in addition to a very diverse dining-out scene. I've also seen discussions on the old Texas Chowhound board comparing the two cities and the concensus seems to be that Dallas has more of a chain mentality when it comes to dining out while Houstonians are more into local and Mom and Pop places. Again, a matter of degree but maybe there are some statistics out there comparing dining-out dollars spent in chains vs. local places?

I think it has something to do also with Houston being more of an immigrant city. We definitely have the most diverse dining out scene of any city in Texas by far. More choices = more temptations to try something different and new for the diner.

To each his own but I remember I was depending a lot on places with drive-thru back then and I really liked being able to get something other than a burger or fried chicken or fish at a drive-thru window, but the only thing I ever tried that I liked was the Country Fried Steak which was pretty mediocre but would suffice for a fix for a fast food junkie like I was at that time.

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