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Hello, I hope its ok for me to post this here. If not im sorry.

I have a friend who is making a documentary and we have a last few scenes to shoot soon. He uses one small camera and its usually just he and I and 1-3 actors. Nothing obtrusive.

We are looking for areas in the Houston area that have some sort of European looking architecture.

Ive sent him links to the Rice university campus and the Uptown Park area. Ive been living in The Woodlands for 16 years so I cant think of any where else in Houston that would be suitable for shooting.

We used The Strand in Galveston for a few shots but were trying to keep from going all the way back down there.

Any ideas from you guys?

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St. Martin's church off of Sage would be quite good, but I stumbled across something even better last night if you can manage it. Taking Sage up to the Buffalo Bayou, there is a series of cul-de-courts like Glynn Way, Indian Circle and so on: and edited rightly for pine trees and driveways, they might do just as well in a pinch as some of the more detailed but gated spots in town. You may or may not be able to get good shots of Cheyne Walk, at 1741 Sunset; or by Harold at Stanford; or between Alabama and Elbert, Bammel and Sackett.

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