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Redwood work continues


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These photos show the current progress of the redwood renovation. The back wall in the photos is complete having been stripped and sealed. The long wall to the left of the photos has been stripped but more sanding then sealing needs to be done. All the windows in the photo that are dark brown have had all the trim replaced as much of the wood was damaged. All the tan trim is soon going to be replaced also. You might notice that some of the beams coming from the wall that extend across the patio have been cut off. These were sagging from all the weight and 56 years of a 14 foot span with no center support. They will be replaced. Thus far the easiest part has been removing the paint, all the little tedious detail work is what takes so long. I've learned a few lessons along the way which cost me some time but in the future I will not be making these mistakes again. All things should move along faster now. Most of this work has been done on the weekends and I probably have around 30 hours into it so far. This is the back of the house which has the most damage to the redwood, the front should go really fast. I have had mixed reviews on the blonde coloring in the redwood. Some like it and some don't. I did some research on the internet and it turns out that this is clear heart redwood with sapwood. The article I read said that the two most sought after clear heart old growth redwoods are the pure clear heart and the clear heart with sapwood. I have attached a photo of a surf board I found on the internet that was made with reclaimed clear heart sapwood redwood, its pretty cool! So let me know your opinion on the sapwood. If need be I have enough salvaged redwood that I could remove the peices with the sapwood and replace them with peices that do not have the sapwood. What is your opinion???

P.S. I am looking for some of the bullet canister lights that were common in the 50's to replace the bare floodlights that are currently on the wall. Does anyone know a place locally to get them? I have found them on the internet but would prefer to see them before I buy them.

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Sapwood doesn't have the rot and insect resistance that clear all heart does (doesn't look like there are any knots), but seeing that the sapwood is still in good shape, i'd leave it alone. I know the redwood and western red cedar industry pretty well and if you have the clear all heart to replace the spawood, I'd hold onto it for possible future issues. Plus, I like the cedar like look of the the two together.

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