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Earl Jones of Galveston Dead trees Sculpture

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remember Earl Jones-- the guy who did sculptures using the dead trees from hurrican IKE?


I got this email---

re:College Park Cemetery is on W. Dallas near Shepherd, the resting place of freed slaves. I've been volunteering there for a couple of years. On Oct 30 we are having a huge celebration, along with tours, etc. in conjunction with Houston's 175th birthday. Earl Jones, the guy who carved and sculpted so many trees killed after Ike devasted Galveston, has agreed to do a few for us (for a (reduced) fee). Hopefully one will be finished in time for the event, and he may be "in action" on that day, too. You are welcome to be a volunteer, too - mostly trimming vegetation, hauling logs & branches, and mowing / watering, but also "white collar" tasks like cateloging graves, fund raising, etc. To get involved, contact Randy Reipe below.

--- On Sun, 10/9/11, Randall Riepe <rriepe1@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Randall Riepe <rriepe1@gmail.com>

Subject: College Park artwork

ToDate: Sunday, October 9, 2011, 10:59 AM

Attached photo is of artist Earl Jones underway on his first tree sculpture at College Memorial Park Cemetery. He will be working in the cemetery on October 30 from 1-4pm during the historical tours! Randy

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