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The cost of walkability

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I was kind of shocked when I saw how long it would take to get to the new New Jersey Net's arena by subway compared to the distance travled.

Of course, my intention is to show just how ridiculously long it would take for such a short distance. However, I acknowledge that one might say something like, "well, it's so dense, you rarely have to go that far anyway."


However, I just thought it was interesting and ridiculous at the same time.

<H3>• How far is the Barclays Center from New Jersey?

By NJ Transit, PATH, Subway:

• NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line from Newark Penn Station (approx. 10.53 miles, 64 minutes)

• PATH train from Journal Square (approx. 5.57 miles, 47 minutes)

• PATH train from Exchange Place (approx. 3.76 miles, 37 minutes)

• Take the PATH train from Hoboken (approx. 4.80 miles, 49 minutes)


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