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Dawson-Lunnon Cemetery At 5737 Kemp St.

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...posted this for Cemetery Wolf and others who may be interested.

I was looking for the property for "Delmonico", a name for a treed area in the East End, on the old ward maps. I mistakenly thought it was in this block book location.

It was actually north of this area, closer to Harrisburg Rd.

But I did run across a church and two references to two very small cemeteries, by Slaughter Pen bayou, think it was later called Country Club bayou.

Anyway, notice now there is nothing at the end of Kemp St.

Womder what happened to the grave sites, moved maybe?

This land sits in the area of the Howard Hughes operations, close to Polk Ave. Imagine it changed quite a bit during the war effort, in the 1940's.


two early ward maps

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I think he may already know about it. It is Dawson-Lunnon cemetery. It seems he posted this on a cemetery website:

Located at 5737 Kemp. About 0.2 acres, ca. 1915-1950. Did have 10 graves, only 4 visible. Bad condition, trash and erosion from bayou. Scraped, pioneer cemeteries were traditionally cleared to bare earth. Cemetery was adjacent to Mt. Gilead Missionary Bapist Church in-which has been defunct and has fallen down and now is in ruins. Black cemetery. Contributed by George Wolf Jr. . Recorded in 1986.

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Thanks Gnu. Couldn't find the info. Nice to know someone respected the graves. There are so many I've read about, on his list and another, that are lost. Noticed that either the ravine changed course, or was originally recorded incorrectly.

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I'm finding that a great deal of the smaller, family, and/ or minority cemeteries have been severely neglected. I was just reading the historical documentation for homes on the Rice Military Civic Club website/ history, said there was possibly graves underneath one apartment complex. Very sad, indeed. http://www.ricemilitary.org/documents/history.htm paragraphs halfway down paper...starting with "Now let us return..." 2 paragraphs...Caffey name. Makes u wonder. CemeteryWolf, do you know about it? I just studied about Camp Logan in class, but didn't know Spanish Influenza was rampant in 1918. Killed many soldiers at camp, close quarters. On-going debate as to whether the bodies were returned home. Several sources seem to think they were. PS Was it you CW who talked about Lunnin being land that was linked to Rufus Cage. Know I read it somewhere...maybe on the Houston Country Club Neighborhood Newsletter, had great East End information. No longer available, on-line.

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  • The title was changed to Lost Cemetery?
  • The title was changed to Dawson-Lunnon Cemetery At 5737 Kemp St.

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