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House At 8533 Almeda-Genoa Rd.


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There was a large, old, 2 story, rectangle house that sat on a nice treed lot, at @ 8533 Almeda-Genoa, north side of road. GoogleEarth stills shows the house, but when you zoom in, no house, or bldgs. Does anyone know if it is still standing, what happened to it? Always thought it was so nice. The property was actually turned into a business in later years. The lot still looks really nice, huge trees. Heard a tale of a family tragedy associated with it, a suicide.

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That house sits in the neighborhood called South Houston Gardens, source: Harris County block books.

The ownership history : currently Bently Nevada Ltd Partnership, located in NV. (I remember that name, now.)

The previous owner was (yr. 1984) Sam Schafer. Source: HCAD.

Was hoping to see when it was built, no luck, with bldg. gone.

it was built before year - 1944, interesting to look on GoogleEarth to see how the property changed through the yrs, especially the trees.

One old block book map shows Moers Rd. going up the rt. side of the property, it didn't.

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  • The title was changed to House On Almeda Genoa Rd.
  • The title was changed to House At 8533 Almeda-Genoa Rd.

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