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Abandoned Houses


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So the house behind me should be condemned, and is being used as a junk yard and a home for raccoons and probably a bunch of other things too.

For many years it's owner used it for old boat and car storage. He was there occasionally, But he passed away a year ago. Boat and car still there.

The family has done nothing with it. It's a fire hazard, among other dangers. The property is worth 200-250.

Are there any Laws about this kind of thing?

Does the family have to do something with it? Can the just let it deteriorate?

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The City of Houston has a special department---Neighborhood Protection Corps-- make them aware of this property. (make notes on dates and who you contact)--If you have a neighborhood association invite NPC to be a speaker.

HPD has also added to the protection corp efforts. You can make HPD aware of the problem by going to a monthly PIP meeting (google it) and speaking to the assembly (Bring your notes with you add to the notes the information you get at PIP).

Your council member should be made aware of the problem----be sure and advise them that you have first made good faith efforts through COH and HPD---show your notes!

These things don't resolve themselves and it will take quite a bit of effort on your part to see any result-- good luck

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