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How To Find The Owner Of Undeveloped Land

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Hello I am new to this site and have enjoyed reading the various discussions on different topics about property/buildings in and around Houston.

Since this site is filled with people from a variety of professions, I was wondering if someone knew the steps for finding the owner of undeveloped land (Raw Land) that maybe located in or around Houston.

I tried going to the tax collectors website but I was unsure what I was looking for.

I noticed a couple of areas around the beltway that are not developed but I do not know the proper steps to track down the owner of the undeveloped property...

Thanks everyone!!

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Yes, HCAD is the best place for this information within Harris County.

There offices are on US 290 just south of the Hollister Tidwell Interchange. You need to be on the feeder road heading southeast from Hollister to get to the building. It is a large white building with HCAD on the top.

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Thanks Redscare and kjb434! The HCAD office was a big help. The staff members who assisted me was a very helpful and patient. I guess they could tell it was my first time in their office and took some pity on me...

I was able to locate the name and address of the company who recently paid the taxes on the property... Unfortunately the address they have on file is a PO Box number. I tried looking up the company

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You can also try the tax office of the school district that the land is located in, if you are trying to locate a physical address. Also, the post office requires that a P.O. Box have a legitimate name and address on file. Not sure how you locate it, but I think they are public records.

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