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Smither Park At 2441 Munger St.

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I didn't see this anywhere else, so here goes...

A new folk-art inspired greenspace called Smither Park is being planned for the 1/2 acre lot adjacent to the Orange Show. The park's development is being sponsored by the Orange Show in memory of John H. Smither. The design is by Dan Phillips (although I can't tell if he's doing the overall park layout or just the pieces within the park).

Here's the website: http://smitherpark.org/Smither_Park_Website/Welcome.html

... and a rendering (found on the site):


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Our group Lindale played at Smithers park this year and had a great time. If you haven't been to the orange show and Smithers park 

in a while, your in for a treat. The pavilion that we played in  is a large tiled bowl. It's really beautiful. The whole park is a tribute to broken tile mosaics and they are amazing! I highly recommend a visit for those who have never been there. Its just off the Gulf Freeway on the feeder before the Telephone rd. exit on Munger. They will have a concert series in the fall.

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  • The title was changed to Smither Park At 2441 Munger St.

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