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More downtown Chicago pics

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Beautiful. Often, pics of Chicago I see on the web are often of its broad downtown skyline, without getting up-close and personal. Some of these really bring out the character of the city.

Thanks, Ed.

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Chicago is extremely beautiful. The color of the lake reminds me of Cancun. Even out in the ”suburbs”, it still feels urban.

I hope to return again some day.

For years I lived on the lake, and it's interesting to watch the water color change with the changes in temperature, oxygen, season, wind, and chemistry. One of the big ecological events every spring is the "whiting" of the lake, when there is a chemical reaction between the limestone that forms the basin, and the sunlight after the long winter. Long plumes of white water move through the lake with the current.

Also interesting is that the lake occasionally has a "seche" (sp? - pronounced "say-shhh"), where the entirety of Lake Michigan sloshes like a fat guy getting out of the bathtub. In the past, people on shore would be sucked out to sea and die. These days the National Weather Service can measure and predict, and issue warnings. Happens about once or twice a year.

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