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Hitching Post Restaurant And Club At 7433 Bissonnet St.

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In regard to the Hitchin' Post thread below, there was also a Hitchin' Post eatery on Bissonett & Bonhomme for a few years in the late 60's--this later became a hangout called Chubby Chucks..curious if anyone has recall on either of these!

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I was browsing the magazine The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 28, 1966 and came across a business ad for Hitching Post Restaurant And Club located at 7433 Bissonnet St.

The name of this place is actually famous on HAIF.  One poster ( @NotGivinUp ) was absolutely positive there was a Hitching Post Club on South Main St. at Old Spanish Trail.

In the infamous thread, there is an informative quote by ( @tinker  ): The Hitching Post is a really small beer bar, that holds maybe 30-50 people. It looks like a wooden cabin. It is right next to Prince’s drive-in on South Main, at the intersection with the Old Spanish Trail, where there is a circle now. The girls at the Prince's drive-in serve you on their roller skates. You could get a beer or a coke, Jimmy went there with his Uncle Dan, who had him order “Two beers for two steers”. One day a little airplane crashes into the roof of Prince’s drive-in, right next to The Hitching Post. The Prince’s Drive in was at 8101 South Main St (later the Taco Cabana). The Hitching Post was on the crossing of South Main and Old Spanish Trail. It was just a small wooden beer bar where kids that were unknown got a chance to show their musical abilities and talent was scouted. Nothing fancy. .

Perhaps everyone was very confused and it's actually the place on Bissonnet? That is a very big confusion to mistake South Main and Bissonnet though.

One business ad during a later time indicates they sold western wear. They sold straw hats and jeans. Maybe the restaurant concept failed and they switched to western wear?

The owner was Mena Bonura and the managers were Pat and Sam Bonura.

A photo of the building and ad dated September 28, 1966.



 January 25, 1967.


May 30, 1973.


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