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Negotiating an Apartment Lease


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I'm currently living in a big 100+ unit apartment complex off of Allen Parkway and am eager to renew my lease. I do, however, have concerns that I'm overpaying. I had a few basic questions:

1. My lease runs through October. Will I have more negotiating power if I renew then than if I was a summer move-in?

2. Are there any sources for occupancy rates at Houston complexes?

3. Do these national apartment developers even negotiate renewals? Or is it a "take or leave it" kind of offer?

Many thanks!

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Occupancy in that submarket is consistently in the nineties and trending up, so you don't have a tremendous amount of leverage...particularly if you're picky about floorplan. You might try calling The Bel Air, The Jackson Hill, Sawyer Heights Lofts, Sabine Street Lofts, and Memorial by Windsor, and then playing each of them off the other. It probably won't work, but it can't hurt.

If you consistently pay your bills on time and have a good relationship with the management company, that'll help. Otherwise, don't expect any favors.

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