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I thought it would be fun for us to choose locations close to our homes, work, places we by often pass by or places we're simply aware of, that we've always thought would be great for development but sits unused, and share our ideas of development for them. Please share yours as well.

Mine are a couple of big pieces of land near Metro's park and ride on 1960 in between 45 and the Hardy toll road.

The black lines are roads that I would add and parking garages would be shared between residents and customers.

The residential components would be apartments for rent between $575-$800 (maybe too high for the area?) ranging from efficiencies to 3-bedrooms.

I may have included two too many mixed-use buildings, two may be enough for the eastern development and the western development could simply have mixed-use on the bottom floor of the western buildings on the sides facing the parking lot and to the inside. These could be useful for park and riders. I imagine a starbucks and a drycleaners would be perfect for this location.

Not all the mixed-use buildings require all 1st floor space to be designated for commercial or retail use. In some cases only one or two of the inside corners of the building would be used for these.


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