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Moving Utility Pole within easement

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I've got an old wooden utility pole in the middle of the back of my backyard, running electrical/cable/phone parallel to the back edge of my lot. I also own the lot on the other side of the pole, so the pole kinda wrecks the vista. The electrical is low voltage...all wires on the pole terminate two houses down and the pole is downstream of the transformer.

The pole is pretty beat-up and after Ike developed a 10 degree lean. It looks like hell. I'd like to move the pole about 8 ft down the supposed easement to hide it behind my garage. (Interestingly, there is actually no easement recorded with the City for this run of utilities.)

Does anyone have any idea what the cost is to move the pole?

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The builder renovating the home next to me paid Centerpoint aproximately $500 to move the pole supporting the service tap to my home. Your experience may vary as this was the pole along our side property line and not the pole in the alley supporting the streets main lines.

Regardless, I suggest calling Centerpoint and speaking directly with the Service Consultant covering the Heights. He can tell you quickly whether or not what you propose is feasible. These guys are in the field all day so expect to leave a message and they'll likely return the call the following morning. To get his number I'd skip the customer service line and call the builder service number.

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If it is the pole carrying low voltage wire...phone and cable...that will not be serviced by Centerpoint. I beleieve AT&T owns the poles and leases space to Comcast. However, it may be easier to call Centerpoint and let him tell you who to call at AT&T. Just be aware that you will likely end up on the phone to AT&T.

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