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8629 Bob White in Robindell


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This house just came on the market in Robindell yesterday:


It is a great little MCM and may be a William Floyd design since he was very active in the neighborhood's development. It looks to need quite a bit of work, but at an ask price of $53K there is a lot of room to make those improvements.

A similarly sized MCM directly behind this house that has been renovated is currently for sale for $157K, so at $53K that is a pretty big spread for renovations:


Robindell is a great neighborhood in a great location. I bought there three years ago and we have really enjoyed our house and our neighbors. The neighborhood is definitely on the rise - winning Swamplot's "Most Underappreciate Neighborhood" in 2009: http://swamplot.com/the-swamplot-awards-for-houston-real-estate-2009-the-winners/2009-12-30/#more-14881

Who's up for a renovation challenge???

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Looks like the roof is sagging but it's got a lot of potential, especially at that price. That other one is nice, too, although some of the renovations look a little Home Depot. One bathroom is an issue, in my opinion, for both houses.

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