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Cypress North Houston Expansion?


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I'm confused at this map here:


It looks like they may (have wanted to) expand Cypress North Houston over the railroad and 290, but upon further inspection, there appear to be soccer goalposts in the right of way.

1. Are they planning to expand it?

2. If #1 was disproved, how were they going to connect it to the other side?

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2. With a bridge, I'd imagine.


Yes, but given the "Y" intersection of the other part of Cypress North Houston with the 290 and no way to go under the highway without major 290 reconstruction. I suppose it could work given that Cypress North Houston would not touch the frontage roads of 290, but oh well.

Also, that PDF I saw (JLYM) apparently has lanes running on both sides of the railroad. Strange. I'm guessing that they want to do some sort of 290 expansion like the Katy Freeway without a conveniently abandoned railroad right-of-way.

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  • The title was changed to Cypress North Houston Expansion?

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