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March 6 Mod of the Month- Open House 2-4 PM


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Mod of the Month

Sunday, March 6th, 2011 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, March 6th (2:00 - 4:00 PM), for Mod of the Month.

An exceptional mid-century modern house designed by M. Bliss Alexander will be open for touring. The house is available for purchase as well as some of its vintage furnishings. It is located in the Memorial villages area of west Houston. This is a free event.

663 Strey Lane, Houston, Texas 77024

Bunker Hill Village


A thicket of dense vegetation has completely hidden this well designed modern house for years. In the late 1950's, Bernhardt O. Lemmel, who came to Houston to head the college of art at the University of Houston, and wife Gladys who was general contractor, had M. Bliss Alexander design this house for them and their daughter. Lemmel remained involved with the art school for 40 years and the family has held onto their house for over 50 years.

The multi-level flat roof incorporates clearstory windows abundantly illuminating the interiors even in the densely shaded setting. A masterfully proportioned central living area comprised of extended planes of brick, glass, and wood has a high ceiling and stunning multi-sided focal point fireplace and chimney. Other equally well proportioned rooms include a study, two bedrooms, kitchen, breakfast area and laundry room. Multiple sets of glass sliding doors open to outdoor areas from most rooms. Many aspects of the house are original including the dual tone terrazzo floors and the color coordinated Crane plumbing fixtures. The original set of plans will be displayed.


Overall condition of the structure appears to be sound, but a leaking roof has damaged the ceiling and several walls. Visitors sensitive to moisture caused damage may wish to view the interior from the outside through the windows. The house is offered for sale by owner. Bids will be taken on some of the remaining original furnishings.


Special Parking Instructions

663 Strey Lane is located at the end of a small narrow street that branches off of Strey Lane. See map. There is no room to park along this street. Please do not drive into turf areas along street. Only two spaces are available at the house. Please park on neighboring streets such as Broken Bough Drive.

April is MODern Month in Texas. Look for a list of events soon.

MODern Market will be April 8-10 where over 40 booths of modern items will be available along with an opening celebration, lectures, tour, cocktail party and much more modness! HoustonMODernMarket.com

Support future Mod events by becoming a member of Houston Mod. Check your membership status with any Houston Mod representative.

Houston Mod board members will be available to discuss how Houston Mod is advocating for the recent past on the local, state and national level, and discuss partnering with groups like Preservation Texas and DOCOMOMO US.

Houston Mod recently became the first friend organization of DOCOMOMO US, and participated with the October 9th DOCOMOMO US National Tour Day which drew over 250 visitors to Houston's Glenbrook Valley. Houston Mod's tour had the largest attendance in the nation.

Houston Mod publications will be available during the open house including:

High Style in the Suburbs, The Early Modern Houses of Architect William Jenkins, 1951-1958.

Houston Mod is planning several members-only events. If you need to check your membership status, please e-mail info@houstonmod.org

See you there,

Houston Mod

Houston Mod was recently recognized with a third "Good Brick Award" from the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance for the Mod-of-the-Month open house program.

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