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Design Techniques in Singapore/Bangkok

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This video of founding partner of WOHA architects in Singapore, discusses design techniques he used in residential high-rises in Singapore (where he says 80% of the population lives in high-rises!!!) and Bangkok that I thought were really interesting.

They designed what they call a "monsoon window" which allows air to circulate through the house without letting rain inside. The building was also designed in a way to allow that circulation to flow better through the dwellings (I guess that's something that used to be designed into American homes but was lost once A/C came along).

Also, he talks about how western buildings have a donut design (i guess with the elevator in the middle) while theirs are not.

It's really interesting to hear of all the thought taken into account for the city and climate.

It's also cool to hear how he speaks of parents and grandparents being able to watch their children and eachother in a "park" down below (within the complex) while still on their balcony. The fact that families from children to grandparents living in the same high rise sounds really cool. I'm sure that's close to being unheard of here in the states, except for maybe NYC.

Watch the entire length if you can;


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