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C'mon, Houston -- Let's help Fort Wayne with its Harry Baals problem

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Fort Wayne's new government center, in the heart of downtown, needs a new name. So an online poll was set up at the city's website, FeedbackFortWayne.org, where people could vote on some possibilities.

There's "Chief Little Turtle Center," named after a Native-American chief. There's "Heritage Square." There's "Citizens Plaza."

But the namesake with the most votes is former Fort Wayne mayor Harry Baals.

Vote here: http://FeedbackFortWayne.org

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Well if you're the mayor of Fort Wayne, you might as well be Harry Baals

When I lived in Charleston the mayor was Kent Strange Hall. His name was never written in official documents without the middle name. It was even on the glass door to his office. Really nice guy. I've been told that "Strange" was a fairly common name in the mid-Atlantic region among people descended from English settlers.

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