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Houston Children's Museum Best in the Nation

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Here's what Parents Magazine said about the museum,

1. Children's Museum of Houston

It thinks big -- Texas big. Instead of playing at a plain water table, your kid can create aqueducts, race boats in different currents, fill up an 18-foot cauldron until it tips over, and turn on a geyser in a massive outdoor play area. Or your little shopper can pick up a make-believe $40 debit card from the ATM to buy groceries or dine out in the three-story Kidtropolis exhibit. There, she can also earn a paycheck by taking on one of 24 jobs, including chef, police officer, and artist. "In a few hours, it taught my 3-year-old concepts about money that I'd been trying to get across for months," says Jocelyn Jane, who was visiting from Florida. For kids under 2, there's Tot Spot, an area with cushy stairs, balls, mirrors, and doorbells. "Several moms have told us their kids took their first steps in there," says Tammie Kahn, the museum's executive director. Best for ages 6 months to 10 years.


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