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East & West Montrose TIRZ Merger


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Management districts are usually under everyone's radar. However, sometimes they are responsible for a myriad of things citizens enjoy------the cool bus stops and light poles near the galleria, the "UK" type phone booths near Kirby--- these are a few of the things management districts can be responsible for. Want to see cool bus stops along the Richmond Rail? Want a tree lined median down Montrose blvd? Those are the things East MOntrose management district could be responsible for. East Montrose (HCID#6) was small (generally Bagby to Dallas to Montrose to I59) combining it with West Montrose (Montrose to Dallas to Shepherd to I59 but also a window panel portion of Museum District) made sense-- Too bad it's gotten "complicated"


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  • The title was changed to East & West Montrose TIRZ Merger?
  • The title was changed to East & West Montrose TIRZ Merger

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