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Jersey Village


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I would like opinions on Jersey Village. There are some great sized lots as you go deeper into the area and some high end homes, but it seems this area is overlooked. I understand there were flood problems in this area but that is being corrected. At the end of the day, isn't all of Houston a potential flood hazard? Seems like Jersey Village would be more popular as it is pretty well located with a mix of new, old and large lot homes. I would be interested in buying a larger lot and possibley building but am afraid of price values in there.

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I grew up in JV... live in Dallas now.

Certain areas of Jersey Village have never flooded (including my mom's house)... other areas have been a disaster in the past and shouldn't be touched. Nice neighborhood with some really old parts (original JV houses of 1950ish) and some really nice parts in the back. JV police department is great and keeps the neighborhood quiet.

Junction of Bwy 8 and 290 could potentially be quite nice in 15 years or so... but of course 290 is a disaster now.

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Jersey Village is a great area to live. Big lots as mentioned... Huge trees on some lots. Great public schools if needed. The police there are so strict but it really makes the community feel safe and looked after. Correct the flooding issues are being worked on as we write/blog... Great location (not too far from the city yet not too far from the country). The back of Jersey Village is connected to Jones Rd. near FM 1960/Cypress Creek Parkway which is a plus. Everything you need is there.

Jersey Village reminds me of the older Bellaire. Eventually the older homes will probably be torn down and be replaced with bigger homes... great place to invest especially now. Just my thoughts.

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