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Councilmember Costello's voluntary furlough


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I don't know if any other members of the Houston city council are doing this, but Costello's is the only press release that crossed my desk.


Council Member Stephen Costello To Take Multiple Voluntary Furlough Days

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - In the spirit of helping the City, Council Member Costello joined the Mayor in taking a day without pay this past Wednesday, December 8th. Further, he will work each of the remaining three Wednesdays in December without pay. Additionally, in November, Council Member Costello’s office cut its own office budget and returned $7,872 to the City’s general fund.

“We are all in this together,” states Council Member Costello. “I am very proud of the sacrifices my staff and other city employees are making to see the City through this difficult economic time.”

To help alleviate the City’s considerable budget challenges, City Council voted unanimously last Wednesday to pass an ordinance authorizing Mayor Parker to implement a voluntary/involuntary furlough program for non-classified municipal employees. Working together with HOPE union leadership, the Mayor announced a voluntary furlough plan Friday, December 3, 2010. Through sufficient participation in the voluntary program, the Mayor hopes to limit the need for an involuntary furlough program to be instituted in the second half of the fiscal year 2011 (January 1 through June 30).

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