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Taxpayer Money Used to Platform This Tripe


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Why should we find this surprising, the same has gone on for years in different settings. We older children of the people that fought this war know the truth, there was no immediate coverage or satellite feed with reporters trying to win a Pulitzer with the best spin. It took weeks for any news to reach the Country and it was censored and screened to remove objectionable material that might cause a security problem or harmful to families that were losing loved ones. In truth more photos and film were kept and archived from WWII than any war, Vietnam film and photos were shredded at the request of that Bastard Johnson, if you really want a crook then take a good look at him and his actions. Have you ever wondered why there are no film archives from Vietnam and a 10 year war! Here's the link for a good book burning and re write of history to appease the conscience of our enemies in 1941, it has been paid for in part by your tax dollars.


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