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Upscale Boutique Hotel - Congress Ave.


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Upscale boutique hotel planned for Congress Avenue

Published: 9:26 p.m. Thursday, May 20, 2010 By Shonda Novak



A Houston investor is considering building a 15-story upscale boutique hotel at the site of one of Congress Avenue's oldest buildings.


Under the current vision, the facade of the existing 21,000-square-foot building would be preserved and enhanced, said Dick Clark, owner of Dick Clark Architecture. Clark's firm is designing the proposed 52,000-square-foot hotel, which would include 60 to 70 guest rooms and a bar, restaurant and private dining rooms.


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Downtown Commission endorses boutique hotel on Congress

By American-Statesman staff

Thursday, January 20, 2011, 02:49 PM

The City of Austin Downtown Commission has recommended approval of a proposed 26-story boutique hotel at 416 Congress Ave. that incorporates the facade of an historic building.

Last year, the owners said they wanted to build a 15-story hotel on the site, adding new construction above the 118-year-old building. The plan now has grown to 130 rooms in 26 stories, according to a presentation Wednesday night to the commission. The new construction would be set further back from the street than the historic building.



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Developers seek approval for 26-story downtown hotel

Botique hotel set to replace Sky Lounge on Congress Avenue

By Bobby Longoria Friday, 25 February 2011


Mike McHone, the project consultant for the hotel, said he, architect Jeff Krolicki and civil engineer Bradley Lingvai seek to change the building’s zoning from Central Business District use to CBD Central Urban Redevelopment zoning, also known as CBD-CURE zoning, which will allow the project to build to its intended height of 26 stories with up to 130 hotel rooms. They will also seek historic zoning for the building.

After the project wins approval from all relevant commissions, it will be up to the Austin City Council to decide whether the building gets the green light. Krolicki said construction could begin as early as the summer.


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