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Storage Shed Recommendations

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I was wondering if anybody had recommendations on a backyard storage shed? I have an 8x8 right now, but it is rather old, with rusted out walls and a rotted wood floor. I am looking to replace it with a slightly larger one (8x12). I of course don't want to spend any more than I have to, but I don't want to have to buy a new shed every few years. I will pay more now if it means a better quality shed. My folks have a Morgan building (wood frame and floor with steel siding and roof) and are happy with it, but they are a little pricey. I have heard Mueller makes good stuff and they have an all steel DIY kit for what seems like a reasonable price ($995). Tuff shed is getting up there in price with the Morgan buildings. Do yall know of any others that might be worth looking into or any other recommendations?


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I bought a 10 x 13 diy steel shed online about 6 years ago from either Sam's or Walmart. Shipping was expensive, but I think the total cost was $500 or so delivered to my front door. It's held up really well, no rust yet and survived the Ike winds last year with no damage. The key with steel sheds is to make sure you inspect it every once in a while and fix rust spots when they start. It might also need a full repainting every so often, although mine isn't anywhere near needing that yet. I think the brand was Arrow, which is just a run of the mill brand.

I'm wary of wood buildings in this area since you have to make sure the termites don't get into it.

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