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Pastiche Looms


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Per Swamplot (www.swamplot.com), the following homes are slated for demolition:

11 Knipp Rd., 77024 – Built 1960, 2320 s.f. on 17248 s.f., four bdrm., two baths (rectilinier design with flat roof)

15 Knipp Rd., 77024 – Built 1969, 3794 s.f. on 19851 s.f., four bdrm., four baths (rectilinier design with flat roof)

Go to www.zwillow.com for a birds-eye view – 11 Knipp is more visible than 15 Knipp – be sure to pan around for a look at imposing stepford homes

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Per Swamplot (www.swamplot.com), the following Post-War Modern home is slated for demolition -- this one is a doozy:


Modified over the years with neo-classic elements but the buildings origins remain present. Impressive.

Amazing that someone would tear down such a cool house and one that looks to be in fine shape. Even more amazing that people consider $3.5M properties a teardown. Wow.

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That was Kenneth Schnitzer's house. Harwood Taylor was the architect originally, but walked out at some point during the project. I think it was a disagreement over someone wanting a sunken living room.

That's never been one of my favorite houses.

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