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What kind of "flat" roof? Is it asphalt & gravel built up? Modified bitumen (probably white ceramic granules similar to those on shingles)? A smooth white surface (PVC or TPO)?

I don't know what kind of roof it is... Just signed a contract and during the inspection period wanted to bring out a couple of roofers with extensive experience in flat roofs. I know the existing roof leaks and will probably need to be replaced entirely, what kind of flat roof it's replaced with I'm open to suggestions.

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Contact me at my discussion board email address @ keepitlow@sbcglobal.net if you want to.

We are well experienced in low-slope roofing and have G/L insurance for roofing and sheet metal operations, workers compensation insurance, commerical auto liability, hired & non-owned vehicles general liability insurance. So, we aren't knucklehead gypsy roofers.

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I have a couple neighbors that had their roofs repaired and/or new roofs put in... last year... pre and post Ike... Meyerland has many homes with flat roofs... if you are still "up in the air" let me know I can ask them or get you their addresses.

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