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W Hotel's "Extreme Wow" Suite

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The W Hotels “Extreme Wow Suite” will be featured in the context of an art museum, providing a new work of art in-progress feel, as opposed to a polished model room. The installation is draft-like in that certain elements are refined and reworked to a sophisticated finish, emphasized by the use of colour, lighting, texture and materials, while others remain in development, outlined softly in white, giving the impression of a three-dimensional sketch or an evolving project in motion.

Nice gimmick, but is now the time to go all über-luxe on hotel rooms? The hotel industry is hurting. Last week I booked two nights at a Ritz-Carlton for $136/night and got the third night for free. That's how desperate things are.

Don't get me wrong -- I love W hotels. I've stayed in them in both Chicago and New Orleans. But I don't see very many people splashing out on fancy hotel rooms these days.

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In the last few weeks at least three fairly Chicago hotels have filed for bankruptcy, and several more are on the edge. No one ever thought people would stop going to conventions, but it's like a secondary bubble that burst after real estate.

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