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This video was recently posted on Construction.com. It's a tour of the Gensler office in San Francisco. I figured since Gensler has a big presence in Houston, people on HAIF would be interested in seeing it.

<iframe src="http://video.construction.com/linking/index.jsp?skin=oneclip&ehv=http://construction.com/video/&fr_story=d0497d1f4effd20b7ca1e6e339077d432ec4c4e2&rf=ev&hl=true" width=402 height=306 scrolling="no" frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0></iframe>

If you can't see the video embedded above, here's a link to the web page:


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They said they left their hi-rise in the financial district for a lowrise warehouse. I disagree with him saying, be true to who you are. (something like that)

Yes. it looks like a swank office.. most done in smaller, older, brick bldgs will be... but its the office of more design oriented and smaller firm.. not exactly how I would characterize one of the 2 biggest firms in the country.

So, yah.. much better than the Houston office which is all business..doesnt matter how good an interior you have.. if you have to ride an elevator up to it, its kinda hard to escape the corporate feel. Looks like a great space to work in, i would just say its far from being your typical Gensler office.

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Quite a nice office indeed, but it isn't really that much different from the Houston office. The main differences I see are the "warehouse" portions with the high windows (more natural light), the exposed columns, and the higher ceilings. The Houston office shares most of the other components, including the coffee bar, designer furniture, shared spaces, etc. They even managed to get the landlord to allow them to construct a glass staircase connecting the two levels of their office. The SF one is definitely better than ours, but the Houston one is still nice.

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