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Foundation watering and root barriers


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In researching irrigation systems I came across the concept of foundation watering (which is new to me, coming from someplace where it rained on a regular basis). I have been here 4 years and have never heard anyone talk about their foundation watering system. Anyone here actually water their foundation? Or have any problems because they didn't keep the soil moist around the foundation?

The root barriers were mentioned in the foundation watering articles. I'd like to look at this for my home to protect my slab, driveway and sidewalks from the HOA required two trees (plus crape myrtle and bottlebrush that were included in the foundation landscaping) in my front yard (one would have been sufficient for my 50' wide lot) that I know are going to cause problems years down the road. Anyone have experience with this, know a reliable contractor, etc? Up till now I thought that the only solution to the too-many-trees-too-close-to-concrete in my yard was to kill one of them (the only way the HOA allows removal of a tree is if it's dead or diseased). (Actually, I'd still love to be able to get rid of one of them - I like a sunny garden and it is looking like I will have to settle for a shade garden in a year or two)

Thanks in advance for your input!

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With our recent drought, the soil has contracted which does affect foundations, driveways, etc. You may have seen new cracks, doors that no longer function smoothly, etc. attempting to keep the moisture level higher will hopefully minimize the expansion/contraction that occurs.

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Forgive me for reviving this old thread, but I came here seeking the same info.


I had a PE tell me my foundation would return to normal with root barriers. Surely it is a common thing here. I'm looking for a reputable company to do the work.


I have a couple large live oaks near my foundation that have moved my house in spite of having two sets of piers added by the former owner (on top of piers that were part of the original slab).

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