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Yuki Chinese Buffet - Probably Out Of Business (Re-Opened!)

Gary K

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The Yuki Chinese Buffet on Louetta (approx. at Champion drive) appears to have closed.

We (my wife and I) tried it several weeks ago when it first opened, and went back one additional time.

We tried calling them 3/22/09 and got a message "unable to take your call at this time". We knew what that really meant.

We passed by the restaurant later that day. Notice from landlord was in the door of lockout due to non-payment of rent, and a chain and padlock.

Its a shame. It took them weeks and weeks to open, and once they did I guess there were not enough diners to keep them open.

-Gary K

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the Yuki name doesn't sound appealing.

Yuki will be pronounced 'U key' rather than the yucky way it looks - any way our family and friends went there last week and enjoyed a very good meal and great selection. Highly recommend it. The Thursday night buffet cost is $9.99.

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After opening, and closing (out of business), and re-opening, and re-closing ...

Looks like the name was changed to Tokyo Buffet (I can't recall exactly). I hope they do better w/ the new name, and I hope the food is improved as well.

I'll try it (again) and see if the food is the same as before, or revised. If its the same as before I don't think it will stay open, no matter what the name.

-Gary K

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  • The title was changed to Yuki Chinese Buffet - Probably Out Of Business (Re-Opened!)

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