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I was tearing out sheetrock, and I noticed the paper backing of a piece of pink fiberglass insulation had a void behind it. Something had taken all the insulation out of that recess leaving just the paper. I pulled the insulation away from the next area and found about 50 large, dark red ants. Other areas revealed even more ants.

I thought maybe these were carpenter ants, but I see no indication of wood damage. But, for whatever purpose, they ate or removed a good bit of the fiberglass insulation.

Any idea what these little buggers are?

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After posting this, I uncovered more ants, and I was prepared for them. I got some in a jar and took them to Home Depot. By consensus, it was determined they were red ants that were driven inside the wall by a lack of food outside due to the drought. And that is why they consumed the insulation.

I guess that makes sense, but I just can

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