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A Photographic Compendium Of Destroyed Real Estate

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Photos of the Brady House, the Westwood Gardens subdivision, an article about the vast salted earth of Chambers County, HAR searches for hurricane-damaged homes being sold as-is, and (of course) the daily inspirations I receive driving around the East End got me thinking that we need a single thread that can act as a graphic repository for the physical mayhem and destruction that occasionally visits Houston real estate. I'm going to start cataloging and posting my photos over the next couple of days. This means going through dozens of unlabeled CD backups, and that'll take some time.

Anyone that wants to kick us off is welcome to start. Please be sure to include a photo, a description of what it is (or was), the location, and when it was taken.

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Oh, so much to choose from!

I'll start off with a couple you mentioned plus a few more (some obvious downtown buildings). Most/all of the residential I have are now in the landfill.

Royce Builders home

Westwood Gardens subdivision, 03/09


Brady home

3805 Wilmer, 03/09


Fire Station 33

7100 Fannin, 03/09


and the downtown favorites:

1914 Texaco building, 02/03 (same condition or worse)


Holiday Inn, 11/05 (same condition or worse)


Battelstein building, 01/07 (same condition or worse)


Savoy Hotel, 02/03 (same condition or worse)


Century building, 02/03 (same condition or worse)


Ben Milam Hotel, 03/06 (same condition or worse)


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