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Spring Woman Kidnapped From Kohl's Lot And Killed


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This happened Saturday.

I remember seeing this woman in the halls at Klein High School. She smiled a lot. She graduated in 2000, a year behind me. Her maiden name was Sabrina Tolentino. The suspect also was in that graduating class, but I don't remember him.

Her truck was found in the Kohl's parking lot on 249, and she was found in a ditch 15 miles away fully clothed. The kidnapping apparently happened at 2 in the afternoon. His prints were on the duct tape on her head. He says he's had no contact with her since graduating high school, and while they knew each other it is not clear what recent dealings they have had or why he would have done this.


This story is getting some national airplay. I saw it covered on Fox News.

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Is it possible he had a crush on her and her rejection fueled this senseless act?

Dunno. Her best friend says the name is familiar, but he definitely wasn't close to her at all recently. The family has never heard of him. Also, they graduated 9 years ago, so maybe they crossed paths again somehow.

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