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AAU youth olympics in houston 2012


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HOUSTON -- The Amateur Athletic Union has narrowed the cities it is considering to host its AAU Junior Olympic Games from 2013 to 2022. Seven cities, including Houston and San Antonio, made the cut and a decision could come by the end of the month according to Paul R. Campbell, National Chairman of Youth Sports for the AAU.

The AAU event will bring 15,000 athletes, three to four thousand coaches, over 20,000 spectators and an economic impact of $50 million according to Campbell, who noted San Antonio made a great impression when that city hosted the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 1989.

I also heard a blurb that the facilities are what made the difference.

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MIght be worth keeping this as an ongoing thread. After 2012, Houston hosted the organization again in 2016 and in 2012.

Houston will host the games in 2025, 2027 & 2031.


Lots of praise for the city from the AAU President & CEO. 

“The commitment, the community support, the venues and facilities and just the embrace of us all working together. … The other cities can take notes: [Houston] is the best location I think we could have ever possibly reached out to and collaborated with,” Buchanan said. 

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