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Celebrity Deaths


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Looking at his body of work on Wiki.. I'd always thought Andromeda Strain was his first. I didnt realize he wrote 10 more books in the 60s and 70s under a different name.. I'll have to check those out when i get time.

Though i liked the JPs, i think Sphere was probably my favorite read of his growing up.

I also didnt realize he was quite that old.. he's incredibly young looking for his age. I had him pegged low 50s.

It's a big and sudden loss and he will be missed by many.

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1970's Andromeda Strain was a very unique film when it premiered. We kids used to play "end of world" like in the film or rather when everyone is dead and rotting exactly where they were when the virus hits. I can only imagine what my elderly next door neighbors thought when they would see 6 -7 children layed out on the lawn, slumped over in lawn chairs. ^_^ I still regret not filming it.

See that film today and see how eerie those scenes still seem today. Especially when the search crews cut into the wrists of the dead people and red dust seeps out. Bizarre!


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