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Durst House At 323 Tynebrook Ln.


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New book about great Texas houses includes the Durst-Gee house by Bruce Goff in Houston. I saw this book at Barnes & Noble today and it features a variety of excellent architecture from around the state from many time periods. Mid-century and new modern is very well represented. The author previously wrote a book on Harwell Hamilton Harris.

Funny, I've been trying to get in to the Goff house for a long time now to photograph it. Maybe I should just tell them I'm doing a book, because that seems to be the only people that get in the door these days.

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Hi BenH,

The Dursts and my parents were friends.

For privacy reasons I won't mention their first names here, but you can email me.

I remember going with my parents to visit the Dursts when they lived in that house.

I just spotted it in the book you mentioned when I was in B&N a few days ago and I bought the book just to have the pics of that house.

I was young when we'd go visit them and I could only remember the general area off Memorial drive where the street is.

Now I see it is 2 streets off Memorial.

I always thought that was the coolest house....my parents thought it was nice, but strange.

marmer, I agree about the book needing to be renamed. It would have to be huge and several volumes to have its current title.

The Bishop's Palace in Galveston is one of my all time favorites, but is left out.

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  • The title was changed to Durst House At 323 Tynebrook Ln.

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