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Stars At Night Drive-In Theater At 5999 Gassner Ln.


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Where is this to be located?

Sorry - in Brookshire, 8 miles or so west of Katy. Right at FM 1489 and Hwy 90 (just north of I-10).

I still remember drive-ins - I can't wait for my daughter to experience it - but it won't be quite be the same. Instead of the speaker attached to your car door, you will receive audio via your radio station. Yeah - no mosquitos (or love bugs). Great too if you have very young children who might be too noisy for the theater.

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Actually, the new ones that have been developed are doing very well. The good thing about drive ins (from a development standpoint) can't totally saturate a market as traditional in door venues. If you look at how they are developed....anyway....

As stated, there is a resurgence in their popularity and there is an expressed need for this type of nosatlgia...there are 4 or 5 in the Dallas area that have been in business for more than a few years...there is one in the Tomball area that has done very well...another in the Kingwood area along 59 as well....I think the placement of this one is close enough to Katy for people to want to make a special trip a couple of times per year...and is far enough away from the second sun at the Mall, lol...that it should not interefere with the screens....as it turns out, my co-parent and her husband live in this area and showed me the site...it's going to be very easy to get to from Katy....I think they will do very well...I am the VP of a local offroad club that are planning to make a trip out there as soon as it opens...they are so much fun for the kids and those of us that remember the days of the old Thunderbird Drive In will get to relive a part of our youth....

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The owner says that he's had over 200,000 hits on his website - so someone is definitely interested. Everyone at my office seems very excited about it. "Everything old is new again".

200,000 hits is NOT very much. A hit represents each time an individual element is download, ie. - the page, each image, each script, etc. Some pages have a LOT of elements so 1 page view could result in say 50 hits. Take away the fact that hits also don't discriminate between single viewers making multiple visits, and the number again gets much lower. If he wants a truer representation of his visits, he need to look at unique visitors, not hits. Hits number is useless.

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the one in Hockley didnt last long...seems after the initial excitement, it died. I was super excited...but just not motivated to drive that far.

I'm confused by your statement as The Showboat is still very much up and running. In fact they added a 2nd screen last year. I have friends who went recently and it was full. We've been before and loved it and hope to get back this fall. With 2 small kids, we don't get to many movies at all these days. Here's a link to this weekend's features: http://www.theshowboatdrivein.com/

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I drove by here on Sunday and it does not look like it is going to be open anytime soon. It has looked the same for the last year or so.....overgrown weeds, no screen.

According to a recent update on their website, they expect to open in late October to early November.

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