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Extending/refinishing 1910 pine flooring

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My Heights bungalow has what I think is the original 1910 pine flooring - the boards are narrow, 3" to 3.25" wide. The bedrooms are carpeted, though - and the added-on rooms in back just have carpet, no wood underneath. I really, really want to uncover the wood in the bedrooms and put matching wood (or nearly matching - preferably salvaged from a local house built about the same time) in the main added-on room (approx. 13'x21', and sharing one doorway and one wide passageway with rooms with the existing wood flooring) - but it's a big project, and I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to get started on it. (DIY is out in my case unless there's some part of this project so easy that I really couldn't screw it up.)

Months ago, RedScare kindly gave me the name of someone who did some flooring work for him, and I should still have that name somewhere. My only other idea was to go to the Historic Houston salvage warehouse and ask them if there were any people they dealt with often in projects involving salvaged period wood flooring - it seems like a job where it would be good to have a specialist with experience.

If anyone has any advice about hiring someone to obtain and install the flooring in the added-on room and/or to do what needs to be done in the rooms with carpet over the wood flooring, I'd love to hear it. (My many questions include: is this a crazy plan? if not, whom can I hire to do it? should I get the same person to do the entire project (inc. uncovering and refinishing the flooring in the bedrooms), or would it be cheaper to have a non-specialist do the bedrooms? what can I expect to be charged beyond the cost of the wood (which I should be able to learn from the warehouse)? just an hourly labor charge? is there so much demand for salvaged period wood flooring in Houston that I'll have to wait forever for some, if I can get it at all? is new wood flooring for the add-on a much less expensive alternative? am I right in assuming that I could leave the coordination with the warehouse to whomever I hire, or would I need to (or should I) buy the wood myself?)

While I'm at it, I'll throw in that I'd also like to have some built-in wood shelving put in - maybe that could be done at the same time?

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you can carefully pull up portions of the carpet and see what lies beneath the floor. maybe there were some damaged spots and the prior owner decided to put in carpet instead of fixing it. it is looks "sandable" or good then just pull the carpet and the tack strip up yourself. not a hard job.

as for the other room, i think the salvage warehouse you mentioned has old floors but you just have to find something with a comparable width and vintage

i personally would use the same person to do both cause you want the finishes to look similar and come close to the remainder of your house.

when i had floors refinished they charged by the sq ft and i think most do it that way. i don't know how much difference an installation charge is but a floor person has all those prices.

i used a guy named prudencio who was highly recommended to me by a guy who does custom homes. i had the card but can't seem to find it. i know greaser used him recently (which is when i think i misplaced the card) and was very happy. i know he's somewhere on the northside....713 69x xxxx. PM greaser and i'll bet he has the number since he recently used him.

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I've got a similar thing going on in my master bedroom, and am interested in someone who can match the existing oak and finish. I've gotten a few recs for an outfit called Classic Hardwoods. Sorry I can't find the number! I've had other projects jump ahead of this one and haven't gotten pricing, but I thought I'd mention them since someone on the haif, plus a few other folks, gave me the same name.

Musicman I've noted your guy too, for when I finally get around to it. Casa de Crunch is probably not gonna have sunporch floors for the home tour, oh well. That's why god made persian carpets.

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Musicman I've noted your guy too, for when I finally get around to it. Casa de Crunch is probably not gonna have sunporch floors for the home tour, oh well. That's why god made persian carpets.

what? no sunporch floors? maybe you'll be the "before" house. LOL

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1910 pine flooring is easy to match (when compared to others). Almost everyone charges by the square foot. Your idea can't be crazy because people do it all the time...

Most of the time the wood covered by carpet can be refinished, however problems arise if the wood had been refinished a couple of times before and/or they glued the carpet (or some other flooring) down because there is not enough would left to refinish or the glue stains deep into the wood past the refinishing point. The refinisher--if he is any good--will be able to repair any rotted or severely damaged spots so that you cannot see the repair. If anyone wants to just cutout a square to patch a damaged area tell them to pack up and leave! You wouldn't believe how many people have jobs done like that... and they look horrible.

I will PM you the name of a reclaimed hardwood warehouse who installs and refinishes and also the name of a wood floor contractor.

Oh, and I think it would be much cheaper to buy the reclaimed wood and have someone else install and refinish it. The reclamation places I have been to charge a pretty penny to install it.


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Thanks for the info, cgallagher.

And big thanks to you, rbarz - that's exactly the kind of information I was hoping someone could give me. Getting the names you mention would be great.

So glad I asked here for help!

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Sorry it took so long...

For reclaimed wood:

Klassic Hardwood Floors

3900 Almeda st.

Bruce Ward


For the install or for refinishing (he does an awesome job)

Nelson R. Saucedo 832.659.9001 or 713.290.0941

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