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Heights Retail Center At 3620 Katy Fwy.


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Last weekend I wanted one of those P'Zone pizzas and I wanted it delivered and they told me it will take 3 hours for it to arrive!

I eventually did go to pick them up.

Do they lack people or just work ethic? Or gas,maybe?

We get food from there from time to time, but we always pick it up... we live right up the road so I just prefer to go pick it up myself. A few days ago I placed an order online and it said 20 minutes and it definitely took a bit longer, but not crazy longer.

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Quoted delivery time depends on how busy they are and how many folks they've got working delivery. I get pizza there occasionally and always go pick it up, almost always ready in 15-20 minutes. Their phone is usually ringing off the wall when I go there so a 3 hour quote for delivery doesn't shock me although I'm sure that's not the norm.

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I noticed a new place near the subway strip center at I10 and Heights and while briefly driving by I read something like "Healthy Pharmacy" or something like this..

Anyone know anything about it?

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  • The title was changed to Health Fit Pharmacy At 3620 Katy Fwy.
  • The title was changed to Heights Retail Center At 3620 Katy Fwy.

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