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Whoa, Bo Diddley!


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Bo Diddley died today.

I worked at Rockefeller's Premier Showcase Nightclub way back when. My office was up on the 3rd floor next to Colleen Fischer, one of the talent buyers.

Bo Diddley was scheduled to play that night. About noon, a disreputable looking fellow came to my door and asked to see Don Gomez, who had booked him. Not being musically literate, I asked him who he was. He replied, "I'm mumble mumble mumble." So, I asked him again, and this time I understood "Bo Diddley." So, I sent him down to Don's office. Then I hear this gale of laughter coming from Colleen's office thru the connecting door. "Not only did you not know who he was, you had to ask him twice.!"

His backup band was Jerry Lightfoot, who is no longer with us. It was a really good show that night. And a good beginning on my musical education.

I hope he rests in peace. Seems he didn't find much of it while he was here.

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I honestly thought he died years ago. :ph34r: His music/sound was very unique. I still love to hear one of his biggest hits on the Hollywoodland sound track. Buy it.

I hope there is a tribute of some kind in the works, he deserved it.

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