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Home At 4700 Lakeshore Dr.


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Just discovered- a vintage mod situated directly on the intercoastal waterway in Port Arthur, Texas. This one is very reasonably priced especially for a waterfront house. It's about two hours from Houston so it would make a great vacation house. Lots of people from Dallas/ Ft. Worth have houses in Galveston and that drive is twice the distance. The place seems to be in good and unaltered condition. Prospective buyers have contacted Lucian Hood for information about the place and to see if he would be available to help with any necessary repairs. A quick search of Lakeshore Drive shows it's considered a very fashionable location with other important houses. This house is not in the archives at the University of Houston so a donation of a copy of the plans would be appreciated.

4700 Lakeshore Drive



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Did Rita put water in it?

Did Rita put water in it?

The photographs don't show any signs of water damage in the house and the walls look original.

Look at the aerial image of this house on Mapquest. A huge ship is directly behind the house in the photograph. There would always be something interesting happening right in your own back yard with this one.

Aerial Image

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