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Bus stops fight crime? Things more pleasant in Pleasantville


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There is just something about that name "Pleasantville" that sound so freaking phony. Anytime I see or hear it anywhere it sounds like a made up story so I ignore. The movie only fuels the disbelief. It would be a trip if this place was all in black & white and the mentality was still 1950's.

If you recall back around 1970-80's the city had created numerous new bus stops made of metal and tinted glass. It only took a few months before thugs destroyed them. Broke the glass out, graffitee, carved up wood on the bench's, urinated, etc. Anything public is perfect pickings for those with nothing better to do but destroy. All we can do is keep calling HPD to report, thats true.

PS, I do pity the poor people standing out there in the blazing sun and vulnerability to wierdo's as they wait in angst for their bus rides. Peace, love and all that jazz. :D

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