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"fat City" Tonight On Trio

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I watched it last night and it certainly didn't paint us in the best light. However, obesity is a definite problem in Texas. It doesn't take much travel outside of the southern US to realize that in much of the country there just aren't as many fat people. And I'll be the first to admit - I'm part of the problem and really need to lose some.

The problem with shows like this one is that while they are based on some fact, they only present one side of the situation. Someone who watched that show last night would think all Houstonians are morbidly obese. And one of the most prominently featured people on the show has a definite genetic/biological thing going on and really can't help being as large as she is. I don't know that her inclusion in the show had anything to do with the real point, which is that our diet, huge restaurant portions, and lack of physical activity are making people obese who otherwise wouldn't be. It's people like the woman who drives her kid about 25 feet from their front door to the street corner to catch the school bus every morning that have a real problem. That, and the guy who had been banned from two all you can eat restaurants in town because he ate way too much.

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