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Another scare them and they'll agree with us website.

When reports linking cigarette smoking to health risks first emerged back in the early 50's, some people sneered at 'The Cancer Scare'.

And until just a few years ago, tobacco companies vigorously denied any connection between health risks and the use of tobacco.

Every individual has the right to make up his own mind about the credibility of these studies. However (unlike tobacco), we don't have many choices about our exposure to air pollution. The effects of very small particulate matter on lung function has only recently been studied, and the initial results are (IMO) alarming.

Eliminating diesel soot will be difficult and expensive. Expect people with a vested interest to discredit studies in whatever way they can. The tobacco industry certainly did.

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I agree that tobacco is bad, but it is a choice for the people that smoked it. I you believed you can inhale smoke and have no reprocussions from it (before studies existed), you have some problems. People did it because they enjoyed it.

It's the same thing with air pollution. It exist because we wanted it, although not directly. Anything plastic cause airpollution to make, now it can be recycled. Do you know that the production of many OTC medications puts off harmful airpollution. What about the manufacturing of shampoo, contact lense cleaner, many of the products we want in society are the causes of air pollution.

I agree that steps to should be taken to reduce air pollution, but there is a point where it is counterproductive. This earth is very resilient and can handle alot we give it.

I agree that everyone has the ability to make up their minds about these studies. What I disagree with is when news outlets bring up a study without completely vetting the study out and what kind errors may be in the study. Many people will take what the news said as the complete truth. They don't realize that they are misinformed.

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